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Hopfe Training Centre is dedicated to providing an exceptional client and driver experience. With our well-structured schedule, you have the guarantee of knowing exactly how each course will unfold. This allows you the flexibility of choosing to work at full or reduced hours, depending on your preferred time slot. We take pride in our inclusive approach, making our training accessible to everyone. Through our personalized one-on-one training methods, new drivers are provided with a safe space to immerse themselves in and comprehend the advanced requirements and scenarios that professional drivers face. Additionally, we offer group work and team building exercises to further instill confidence and foster foundational knowledge.

Class 1, MELT

Mandated Entry Level Training is an SGI approved course implemented in 2019. This course is required to obtain a Class 1 license and air brake endorsement.

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Course length: Minimum of 121.5 hours

Course cost: $11,550

Cost includes taxes, and one set of SGI testing fees.

Course Outline:

Classroom: 47 hours

Classes are currently presented on Microsoft Teams.

47 hours of learning experiences brought to you by our instructors, bringing you the theory of driving, situations you can find yourself in, and the laws and regulation of the industry. Eleven comprehensive modules to prepare you for everything to do with a truck, all speckled with personal experience and what not to do. This runs the first week, Monday to Saturday.

Module One – Employment in the Commercial Vehicle Industry
Module Two – Vehicle Components and Systems
Module Three – Basic Driving Techniques
Module Four – Professional Driving Habits
Module Five – Off Road Tasks and Manoeuvres
Module Six – Documents, Paperwork, and Regulatory Requirements
Module Seven – Vehicle Inspection Activities
Module Eight – Hours of Service Compliance
Module Nine – Cargo Securement and Loss Prevention
Module Ten – Handling Emergencies
Module Eleven – Air Brake Operation

Practical Truck Theory: 17.5 hours

This is learning exactly what makes the truck work, how to inspect it, test vehicle components, and what to do if it isn’t functioning properly. With 17 and a half hours dedicated to learning the entire unit you will learn everything to do with that truck and possible variations between other trucks you may encounter.

Backing Up: 18 hours

Learning how to reverse safely is the key to truck safety. With 18 hours to learn these maneuvers you have nothing to concern yourself over. They really are simpler than you think.

Driving Time: 40 hours

This is where you learn how to start controlling the unit. How do you shift? How do you turn safely? What is the proper back up procedures? What is IDPE? What is progressive shifting? This is where we start to help you learn the answers to these. 40 hours are dedicated to getting you comfortable and provide you with everything you will need to become a safe driver.

Driving time is done with 50% loaded trailers.

Driver Examination
Booked with SGI all students will be tested on all skills learned during the course at this time. This is made up up five indivdual examinations.

Trip Inspection

Air Brake Practical Understanding



Reversing Maneuvers

Class 3

Class 3 license training is required to operate a tandem unit and air brake endorsement.

More Information


Course length: 35 hours

Course cost: $3,885

Course length: 20 hours

Course cost: $2,310

Cost includes taxes, one set of  SGI testing fees.

Course Outline:

Hopfe’s class 3 curriculum is based on driver knowledge and awareness. It focuses on defensive driving, advanced driving techniques like safe shifting and emergency situations as well as a fundamental grasp on how to complete a trip inspection and the daily practical air brake examination.

A class 3 license allows you to drive commercial vehicles with two or more axels. The license holder is permitted to drive tandem power units of 4600kg or more, but is not permitted to haul trailers.

Common class 3 vehicles include cement trucks, grain trucks, emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances, and transportation for hire such as taxi, Uber, or Lyft.

Hopfe Training offers three levels of Class 3 license training.

Air brake endorsement is included in the fee of each course. All training is conducted on a manual transmission; if you require a vehicle with an automatic transmission, please contact us to discuss.


New Drivers

This course offers training to those without any class 3 license experience. It is a week-long course, offering up to 35 hours of observed training including a balance of pre-trip, air brake, and driver training. Your SGI examination is booked for the final day of training.


Experienced Drivers

This course is designed for those who are already aware of proper driving and shifting techniques. It offers up to 20 hours of observed driving time with an emphasis on pre-trip and air brake training.


Adept Drivers

This training is for drivers who are familiar and comfortable driving class 3 vehicles, but wish to touch up their skills. It is available at an hourly fee.


Air Brake Endorsement

An Air Brake Endorsement is used for vehicles with air brakes that may not be considered class 3, such as large motor homes.

This course is up to 10 hours in length. You will learn how an air brake system operates and how to properly test the system.

Course length: 10 hours

Course cost: $500

Cost includes taxes, one set of testing fees for air brake exam.


For Employers

Those looking to hire a new driver can request to have potential employees complete a test drive with us. Drivers will be graded on pre-trip, air brake, pick up and drop off a trailer, and a 1-hour drive.

Cost: $250 including taxes

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