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Class 1, MELT

Mandated Entry level Training is an SGI approved course implemented in 2019. This course is required to obtain a Class 1 license.

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Course Outline:

The class one license is the highest license class available through SGI. This license encompasses power units and semi trailers with a gross vehicle weight of 4 600 kg or more. The class one license provides more than simply the ability to drive a semi or other power units. In fact it allows the holder to also drive a city bus, tandem truck, ambulance, fire truck, or even transportation for hire, like a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. Meaning that the holder of a class 1 license with an air brake endorsement to drive anything except a motorcycle (class 6) or a school bus (endorsement S.)

Hopfe Training Centre provides the SGI Mandatory Entry Level Training, MELT, Course. The course is a minimum of 121.5 hours in length which Hopfe Training Centre provides in four weeks of training. The air brake endorsement is included in the MELT course which Hopfe Training Centre breaks down in the following manner.

Week One: Classroom

47 hours of learning experience provided by our certified instructors. Bringing you the theory of driving, the situations you can find yourself in, safe driving practices, and the laws and regulations that govern the industry all speckled with personal experiences and what not to do.

Module One – Employment in the Commercial Vehicle Industry
Module Two -Vehicle Components and Systems
Module Three – Basic Driving Techniques.
Module Four – Professional Driving Habits
Module Five – Off Road Tasks and Manoeuvres
Module Six – Documents, Paperwork, and Regulatory Requirements
Module Seven – Vehicle Inspection Activities
Module Eight – Hours of Service Compliance
Module Nine – Cargo Securement and Loss Prevention
Module Ten – Handling Emergencies
Module Eleven – Air Brake Operation

Week Two: Practical

Learning exactly what makes the truck work. How to inspect it for daily use, test vehicle components, and how to pick up and drop trailers. This week of hands on training provides skills that start to shape your entire driving career.

Weeks Three & Four: Driving & Backing Up

This is where you learn how to start controlling the unit. How do you shift? How do you turn safely? What is the proper back up procedures? What is IDPE? What is progressive shifting? This is where we start to help you learn the answers to these. These two weeks are dedicated to getting you comfortable and provide you with everything you will need to become a safe driver.

Driving time is done with 50% loaded trailers.

Students will be tested on all driving skills during this period.

Practical skills are tested after week two.


Course length: 121.5 hours

Course cost: $10 668

Cost includes taxes, one set of testing fees for pre-trip, air brake, and pick-up and drop a trailer, and one set of testing fees for driving and reverse exam.


Class 3

Class 3 license training is required to operate a tandem air brake unit.

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The class three license provides the ability to drive commercial vehicles with two or more axles. The holder of this license can drive tandem power units of 4 600 kg or more but does not allow them to haul trailers. The most commonplace vehicles in this license class are cement trucks, grain trucks, and pickers. The holder of this class of license is also able to drive emergency vehicles such as fire trucks or ambulances or transportation for hire like a taxi, Uber, or Lyft.

Hopfe Training Centre is aware that there are different levels of skill to those that are looking to obtain their class three license and so offers several options. The first course option is for the inexperienced driver and is a week long course offering up to 35 hours of observed training. This version of the course provides a balance of pre trip, air brake, and driver training with the SGI examination being booked on the final day of training.

For the experienced driver Hopfe Training Centre provides an option to have up to 20 hours of observed time with an emphasis on pre trip and air brake training. This is for those that are already aware of proper driving and shifting techniques.

For more experienced drivers Hopfe Training Centre is available for an hourly fee.

The air brake endorsement is included in the prices of the class three license training. It is important to note that the training provided is conducted on a manual transmission, if an automatic is required please contact Hopfe Training Centre to discuss details.

Course length: 35 hours

Course cost: $3 885


Course length: 20 hours

Course cost: $2 310

Cost includes taxes, one set of testing fees for pre-trip, air brake, and pick-up and drop a trailer, and one set of testing fees for driving and reverse exam.


Air Brake Endorsement

An Air Brake Endorsement is used for vehicles with air brakes that may not be considered class 3, such as large motor homes.

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The air brake endorsement is independent of license class and that is exactly why Hopfe Training Centre offers this course on its own. This is especially important to consider for those that are interested in buying a large RV as more often than not, these are now being made with an air brake system and the license holder must now have an air brake endorsement on their license in order to drive the unit. This course is up to 10 hours in length and goes through the process of how an air brake system operates and how to properly test the system.

Course length: 10 hours

Course cost: $500

Cost includes taxes, one set of testing fees for air brake exam.



G Endorsement

G Endorsement is a heavy trailer endorsement used for hauling a trailer with a pickup. It is useful for those interested in construction, farmers, or for those who regularly haul boats and trailers.

More Information

1he G endorsement, or commonly known as the heavy trailer endorsement allows the holder to haul a utility or recreational trailer where the trailer and cargo weighs in excess of 4 600 kg. This weight limit does not include the weight of the tow vehicle, however if there are two trailers the total weight of both trailers are calculated together. This endorsement is commonplace in oilfield, construction, and now recreational settings as sizes of RV’s continue to grow. This endorsement is not well known though the consequences for not having it are very real. This endorsement can be applied to the license classes 2, 3, 4, and of course 5 though it is important to note that the class 1 license in fact overrides this endorsement.

In order to accommodate all levels of previous experience Hopfe Training Centre provides two options for heavy trailer training. The longer, 35 course provides a balance of how to do a pre trip on the unit as well as how to observe safe and proper driving techniques and how to back up the unit. The SGI examination is then booked for the final day of training.

The 10 hour course is for those who already have experience driving with a trailer and how to handle the unit properly. The majority of this course is spent on the pre trip training of the unit.


Course length: 35 hours

Course cost: $3 885


Course length: 10 hours

Course cost: $1 260

Cost includes taxes, one set of testing fees for pre-trip, and pick-up and drop a trailer, and one set of testing fees for driving and reverse exam.


Defensive Driver Course (DDC)

Accredited by the Canada Safety Council, Hopfe Training Centre has a Defensive Driver Course to suit all of your needs. Going through the rules and regulations that govern class five driving and how to create new safe driving habits the Defensive Driving Course is your standard practice for bettering yourself or your company in all things regarding safe driving in an eight hour course.

Course size is capped at a maximum of twenty people.

Groups under ten: $100 per person

Groups over ten: $75 per person


Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC)

Has it been a while since you drove a semi? Are you looking for a leg up on a resume? Accredited through the Canada Safety Council Hopfe Training Centre offers the Professional Driver Improvement Course is an eight hour course is a day of refreshing you on laws and regulations regarding professional driving, safe driving habits, visual search patterns, and fatigue management. This is for those who prioritize safe driving habits and maintain collision free driving.

Course size limit is 20.

For groups booking under 10. $225

For groups booking over 10. $175


55 Alive

For the mature driver, Hopfe Training Centre is accredited by the Canada Safety Council to offer the 55 Alive Course. This improvement course aims at understanding the challenges that are directly affecting the more experienced driver. This self improvement course offers advice and understanding to these challenges and seeks to help provide an opportunity to be brought up to date on laws and regulations, safe driving habits regarding this particular age bracket, and how to make sure you keep yourself and everyone else on the road safe. We will post here of the next available date and the details for this course but if you have any concerns or would like us to have a schedule a course you can attend please contact us.


For Employers

Regarding any current or considered drivers that you have why not give Hopfe Training Centre a call to assess them? This two hour long assessment provides you with key feedback regarding proper pre trip, air brake, pick up and drop a trailer procedures and a one hour driving report. This is then graded and the results are returned to you for your own consideration. This is to save you money and provide you with details to allow you to keep running your business safely and effectively.

Cost: $150 including taxes

Enroll Today. Corporate Pricing Available.

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