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Quality, Integrity, Safety

Our Company

Hopfe Training Centre is built upon a foundation of quality, integrity, and with our unwavering commitment to safety drives us to go above and beyond expert training. We empower our students to embark on successful career paths, transforming their lives and opening doors to endless opportunities. Collaborating with esteemed partners like the Saskatchewan Trucking Association, SGI, and leading trucking companies, we stay at the forefront of the industry, offering advanced training techniques and specialized knowledge demanded by the sector itself. By championing safe and defensive driving practices, while providing ongoing education and unwavering support, we are determined to elevate the reputation of the trucking industry. Our vision is to establish trucking as a sought-after profession, attracting individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Join us in shaping a brighter future for the trucking industry by providing advanced training techniques for our 1A driver training and 3A programs.

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Our History

Hopfe Training Centre, formerly known as Third Day Training Centre, has been a pillar in the industry since its establishment in 2010. Founded by Eugen Prokott and Lotti, this renowned center gained recognition for its exceptional service and training. In 2020, Jordan Hopfe, one of Prokott’s former students, took the reins, injecting fresh energy and a drive for expansion. Today, Hopfe Training Centre reaches individuals across South East Saskatchewan, offering unparalleled training services that are second to none. Join us at Hopfe Training Centre and witness our commitment to excellence firsthand.

Government Grants

Government Grants are available for various driver training courses. If you’re looking to apply, or want to know if you’re eligible, look at the attached resources.

A Word from the Owner

“Safety is my top priority above all else. Every single maneuver executed within my unit is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. From driving forward and reversing to something as seemingly simple as a turn, each action takes numerous attempts and meticulous steps to ensure it is executed properly and with the utmost safety in mind.

As a mentor, I take immense pride in providing my clients with the most accurate real-world scenarios. I go beyond being just a teacher; I strive to be a trusted guide on their journey. That’s why I am deeply honored to be included on their resumes and accompany them on practice drives before important interviews, ensuring they possess the confidence and skills needed to excel. They are on the road to their future, and it is my privilege to contribute to their growth, helping them become not only proficient but also highly valued professionals within the trucking industry.

Professionalism and punctuality are the cornerstones of my approach. I firmly believe in leading by example. I value my clients’ time, and in return, I expect them to reciprocate by being punctual. Together, we will navigate a path to success, built on mutual respect and dedication.

Join me, Jordan Hopfe, in prioritizing safety, providing invaluable mentorship, and making a lasting impact on your journey towards becoming a respected and sought-after trucker in the industry.”

Our Staff

Jordan Hopfe

Jordan Hopfe


Contrary to what you might expect, Jordan Hopfe breaks the mold of a typical trucker. His extensive long-haul journeys throughout Canada and the United States have ingrained in him a deep sense of safety and an unwavering commitment to success. At Hopfe Training Centre, we are constantly inspired by his relentless pursuit of perfection, driving us to deliver exceptional training for you. Jordan’s insatiable thirst for knowledge ensures that each student receives the highest level of instruction available. As the Owner and Instructor of Hopfe Training Centre, Jordan Hopfe guarantees you unparalleled training that will equip you for triumph.
Nadja Binder

Nadja Binder


Nadja Binder – The Dynamic Force Behind Hopfe Training Centre

As the backbone of our administrative team, Nadja Binder ensures the seamless operation of Hopfe Training Centre. Her expertise in streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency has made her an invaluable asset.

With a keen eye for detail and unmatched organizational skills, Nadja handles all business-related operations effortlessly. From promptly answering calls and emails to overseeing day-to-day tasks, she ensures everything runs like clockwork.

When you choose Hopfe Training Centre, Nadja will be your go-to person. She’ll guide you through the booking process, answer your questions, and assist you in getting started on your journey towards success.

We are privileged to have Nadja as an integral part of our team, and she looks forward to helping you achieve your goals at Hopfe Training Centre.

Delea Hopfe

Delea Hopfe

IT and Public Relations

Introducing Delea Hopfe, the driving force behind Hopfe Training Centre’s technological prowess and exceptional public relations expertise. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and seamless communication, Delea is the catalyst that propels our team forward. From managing complex IT solutions to orchestrating remarkable events, Delea brings a fresh perspective and unmatched dedication to each endeavor. Need help with donations, truck events, birthday parties, sponsorships, or any other endeavor? Look no further – Delea has a solution to meet your needs. Connect with her today and witness the transformative power of her creativity and expertise. Let’s join forces and together, let’s make a profound impact and create unforgettable moments within the industry.

What Our Clients Say!

“Hopfe’s unique schedule allowed me to go to my training without interrupting the routines of my two little kids. I was also able to continue working after I was done for the day. It was an intense few weeks but worth it!”

Janelle Fisher, 2024

“Jordan and everyone at HTC were excellent to learn from. There is clearly a lot of knowledge and dedication to passing it on at this school. After conducting my MELT training there I was well prepared and able to pass my Class 1A on the first attempt. I strongly recommend this school for your driving needs!”

Ryan Schultz, 2024

I originally chose Hopfe because of the flexible schedule which was my main deciding factor as other schools don’t offer this. What I quickly realized was not only the schedule great, but this was a top notch training centre. Jordan genuinely cares about your success and instructs in a way that you’ll see improvement every day. Thanks again Jordan and team.

Todd Andries, 2024

“Hopfe Training Centre made getting my 1A a lot less stressful. I had a lot of anxiety about driving truck, especially in the city but Hopfe Training made me feel super comfortable and confident! Can’t recommend these guys enough!!”

Mackenzie Lafontaine, 2021

“Jordan utilizes his truck driving experience to enhance learning. He provides detailed, systematic, unforgettable ways to teach pre-trip and air brake inspections. His bob-critical manner instills confidence in the trainee which makes learning easy.”

Allan Klesse

Hopfe Training Centre provided me with excellent training. The level of professionalism throughout the course was second to none and provided the skills, knowledge and proper frame of mind necessary to pass my road test on the first attempt. I thank Jordan and Nadja for the experience.”

Chad Staples, 2023

“After attempting to enroll in several driving schools in Regina, and being put on 3 month wait lists, someone recommended contacting Hopfe Training Centre a short drive away in Weyburn. Boy am I glad I did! I called on a Thursday and was able to get into a course the next Monday. Both Jordan, and Delea are great and kind people to deal with, and made my entire experience stress free and easy. As an instructor, Jordan has a very calm and ensuring approach to teaching everything I needed to know to pass my road test and inspections with confidence and ease. If you are looking for a top notch commercial driving school, I would highly recommend you get in touch with them!”

Ryan Lauf, 2023

“If all you want to do is drive through the road testing course 27 millions times this isn’t the school for you.

We were shown and taught much more than was required, drove places I would only see in the real world, and given some hands on experience that will last a life time.

Even all my existential panic couldn’t fail me on the road test. Thanks Jordan and Delea for an informative, fun filled month!”

Zack Martyn, 2023

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