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Quality, Integrity, Safety

Our Company

Hopfe Training Centre is built on integrity, efficient process, and a strong commitment to safety. Our goal beyond expert training is to prepare our students for a successful career path, improve their lives, and increase their opportunities. Hopfe Training Centre does their best to provide opportunities for everyone to learn how to safely share the road. It is all about learning the right way of doing things and then making sure to do it the right way every single time after that.

By advocating for safe driving and ongoing education and support, we hope to improve the trucking industry, reputation, and establish trucking as a sought-after profession for everyone.

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Our History

Hopfe Training Centre was established in 2010 as Third Day Training Centre. Third Day founded by Eugen Prokott who ran the company with his wife Lotti. They ran the local single unit operation for several years in Weyburn before they passed ownership on to his former student, Jordan Hopfe, nearly a year ago before deciding to retire in New Brunswick to be with family.

In his new role, Hopfe continues to offer the same high-quality service and training while adding his own energy and ambition to grow the business and provide quality service to all the residents of Southeast Saskatchewan. Starting out as as a solo instructor and owner Hopfe is expanding but dedicated to providing local by hiring men and women within the space they are training. Dave McLeod, his instructor, was hired on in March of 2021 with Laurel Hopfe being brought on board not long after in June to help with administration. Hopfe is dedicated to the training of their students, considering them all to be an on the road family and is more than willing to answer any question from students, even those that have long since graduated.



A Word from the Owner

“I value safety above everything. Every maneuver done in my unit needs to be planned and executed perfectly. Everything from driving forward, reversing, to something as simple as a turn takes many attempts and steps in order to do it properly and safely.

I pride myself on providing the most accurate real-world scenarios to my clients. I am not just a teacher, I am a mentor, which is why I’m happy to be included on their resumes and drive along with them before interviews to make sure they’re confident in their skills. They’re on the road to their future, so the least I can do is help them on their way to become safe and valued truckers in the industry.

I believe in professionalism and punctuality. Be on time and show me that you value mine, and I will do the same for you.”

Jordan Hopfe

Our Staff

Jordan Hopfe


Jordan decided to leave his local roots to pursue the open road. With his solid background in long haul experience through the US he uses his real world experiences and his sense of humor and sarcasm to teach valuable on the road lessons. Focused on safety Jordan provides them with everything they need for their learning experiences and beyond.

Dave McLeod


A local of the Southeast Saskatchewan area, Dave was not only born and raised here but also has his own farming operation. Local hauling for farmers, oil and gas sectors before buying his own truck. Taking his talents onto the open road as an Owner Operator with a US company hauling grain in Canada and the US. His ‘on the go’ attitude and an attention to detail makes Dave is a natural problem solver and back up specialist.

Laurel Hopfe


Laurel is punctual and a great resource for the team. Things would quite literally fall to pieces without her ability to organize, schedule, and keep the team informed. If you have a test booked, there’s a near 100% chance Laurel had to remind Jordan at least once.


What Our Clients Say!

“Hopfe Training Centre made getting my 1A a lot less stressful. I had a lot of anxiety about driving truck, especially in the city but Hopfe Training made me feel super comfortable and confident! Can’t recommend these guys enough!!”

Mackenzie Fahlman

“I was very pleased with the training provided by Jordan. He was very positive and encouraging, and provided the tools needed to be successful. He had arrangements in place for us to get our testing done promptly, and the material was covered thoroughly. I would highly recommend his services.”


“Jordan is a great teacher with a fun attitude. Definitely helped me gain confidence behind the wheel of a tractor trailer! Would recommend to anyone looking to get their 1A license!”

Jared Christensen

“Took the class this summer with the new 121 hour MELT program, and all I can say is that it was a breeze with these guys. They are very professional in what they do, and it was very clear to me that if you take the training with these guys, that there is absolutely 0 % you would be walking away without your class 1 licence. They were awesome.”

Simon Berry

“Jordan utilizes his truck driving experience to enhance learning. He provides detailed, systematic, unforgettable ways to teach pre-trip and air brake inspections. His bob-critical manner in stills confidence in the trainee which makes learning easy.”

Allan Klesse

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